Valley View Community Church

Valley View Community Church wanted a new fresh website that allows them to easily edit any page without having to go through one person.  They wanted a simple Content Management System (CMS) that would give them the key to there own content instantly.  They also wanted a rss feed podcast for iTunes, Slide Show/Rotation/A-spot to feature content on there website, easily search and find teachings.


Top Features:

  • Slide Show/Rotation/A-spot that allows you to feature content and share slides of it throughout the entire website.
  • RSS Podcast Feed for iTunes to pull their MP3 teachings directly into iTunes.
  • Export their data from the current site and import it into their new drupal 7 website.
  • Easily sort/find/search/lookup all teachings that they have done.
  • Easily add remove and create pages.


Summary About Website:

Valley View Community Church is a group of ordinary people who have been overwhelmed by the outrageous love, grace, and mercy of God expressed in the good news of his Son Jesus Christ. In response we imagine a community that shares that love, grace, and mercy with others anyway we can. We call that making a difference in this world, or bringing a little bit of heaven to this earth right now. We believe in a better way.