Esposito Enterprise

One of my favorite contractors, Paul Esposito with Esposito Enterprise, needed website that really maintains itself.  Since he is always on jobs and doesn't have much time to tend to a website.  The thought of adding one more piece like a website was overwhelming at first.  When I told Paul that he could easily update a Facebook Page and it would automatically feed over to his website he was excited.  Paul have his website updated automatically whenever he posts his before and after photos on the site by simple adding his shots to his Facebook Page.

Top Features:

  • Little to no updates required... but it is easy to update
  • Feeds Wall Posts and Photo Albums from Facebook Page
  • Easy to Create new pages and contact forms
  • Easy to share pages with any social media sites

The big value in having the content on Facebook and pulling it over to your website is allowing people to still have the ability to like, comment, and tag all of your content.  The social media aspect to your website will be very beneficial.  If Paul post a picture of his before and after photos from his work and one of his clients or his clients friends likes the picture.  All of their friends get to see what he/she liked and other people without even knowing it are recommending Paul’s contracting service to all their friends.  Those people now have a link to your Facebook page your website and all its content.  You didn't do anything except post a picture of your work on your Facebook Page.  Social media is an amazing way to help people to learn about your company and get them familiar with your work.

If you are looking for an amazing meticulous contractor that is also a wonderful guy to work with then please contact Esposito Enterprise (