New book website, Ron Roberts Author of  The Well Balanced Leader - Interactive Learning Techniques to Help You Master the 9 Simple Behaviors of Outstanding Leadership, needed a website.  He needed a site that was flexible and could take on more products and services as more of his books get published.  He also wanted something that was easy to edit and add new content like store items, products and services. 

Top Features:

  • Easy to update like editing Microsoft Word
  • Easy to create, edit, and add content
  • Built in store for selling products on the website that integrates with PayPal for authorization.

If you are looking for a great book to read or want to improve your skills as a Leader check out The Well Balanced Leader - Interactive Learning Techniques to Help You Master the 9 Simple Behaviors of Outstanding Leadership.

Summary About Website:

Publisher: McGraw Hill 2011
Author: Professor Ronal Roberts

If managers push for task and performance at the expense of human relationships, they get things done, but often at catastrophic long-term costs. If managers make too many concessions to keep people happy, they don’t get enough done. Managers at both extremes often pay a high price: low moral, lack of motivation, interpersonal conflict, team dysfunction, and organizational discord. And don't forget the long term effects on personal health -- strokes and heart attacks for the task-oriented (the term Type A was coined by a doctor who treated executives who’d had heart-attacks), and on the other extreme--ulcers and emotional suffering for the people-pleasers.

The answer is Egolibrium. Performance and people -- or task and process -- are joined at the hip. Mediocre leaders think they can separate them -- great leaders instinctively balance them. Egolibrium gives leaders and their staff nine basic human behavior pairs to bring themselves, their teams, and their own egos into balance. Think of the nine behavior pairs (e.g., judgmental vs. accepting, defensive vs. non-defensive) as like scales. When you get weighed at the doctor’s office, you don’t have to pull and tug on the scale with all your might -- you lightly slide the small weights on the top of the scale the most minuscule distance, and the law of leverage compensates for the weight of your body. Egolibrium works the same way: Move any one scale just a little bit and it affects the entire consciousness. The following example drives home the point!  Read more visit