CSF Altoona

The Christian Student Fellowship Altoona Campus wanted a site that was easy to edit and update.  They wanted to be able to upload images and PDF files without having to be a rocket scientist.  They also wanted to be able to easily add photo albums from Facebook that would automatically show up on their website.  Another request was that they wanted to have an events calendar directly on their website so people could see from a calendar view what was going on with their group.

Top Features:

  • Easy to update
  • Event Calendar for easy viewing/adding of events on site
  • Feeds Photo Albums from Facebook Page
  • Easy to Create new pages and contact forms
  • Easy to share pages with any social media sites

The big value in having the content on Facebook and pulling it over to your website is allowing people to still have the ability to like, comment, and tag all of your content.  The social media aspect to will be very beneficial.  What if you have an event and post pictures to your Facebook page.  What if you happen to get a picture of someone from the group with a couple of their friends?  You post it in your album and then their friends get tagged in your album.  Their friends might not have known what your group was about at the time but now they have a link to your Facebook page your website and all its content.  You didn't do anything more than post a picture of them on your Facebook Page.  Social media is an amazing way to get the word out about your group and get them familiar with your website.

If you are a college student or know a college student at Penn State Altoona you should definitely check out Christina Student Fellowship Altoona.