My Philosophy

Websites are simple and easy to understand if you are working with the right web developer.  Let’s work together to figure out what that means for you and your company.

Easy to Update Websites:

A website for you could mean having a website that updates itself as long as you keep your company Facebook page up-to-date.  Imagine, just adding a new album to your Facebook page and then having it automatically show up on your website without you having to do a single thing.  Your status updates will show up on your home page to keep people up-to-date.  What if you could add a videos, notes or an events to your Facebook page and it would just show up on your website without double or triple the work.  Sound too good to be true... well it isn't.  You could very easily have this type of website.

Portoflio Webistes:

Having a website could involve having an online presence and portfolio that is easy to use and easy to update.  You will be able to add new portfolio pieces to your website without any hassle.  Working with the latest web technologies (HTML5, CS3 and jQuery) we can make this happen.  All you have to do is fill out a form on your site and your portfolio will have the latest and greatest content.

All Websites:

All the websites that I work with utilize a Content Management System (CMS).  This is a really fancy way to say, "A really easy way to edit my own text, images, and files on my website." If you can use word to make edits to a document then you can certainly update your own website.

I utilize Drupal as my CMS because it is a simple and intuitive way to keep you website content up-to-date.  It is as easy as:

  • log in using your username and password
  • navigate to the page you want to edit
  • edit the page
  • save the page

It is really that simple.  You could be on your way to editing your very own website.

We can work together to make it easy for you to completely manage your own website.  Do you have a custom idea for a website that you have wanted to create?  Let’s work together to make this dream a reality.


Modules are created to help with the web developer maintain there code in one location.  This also allows for easy updates and modifications to these snippets of code.  I have recently created my own Drupal 7 Module called Rotation/Slide Show/A spot.  Need a easy to use and customizable Rotation/Slide Show/A spot module for Drupal 7 website. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it.